Giora Feidman (original)

To all my colleagues, my friends. Today I got this thumb-fix on my clarinet. Let me tell to all of you. This is an exceptional thing. Really!

It gif us a balance, a centre. Without it, I could play well. But never I got this feeling of a centre. An exceptional idea.

Really, I recommend to everybody.




Roeland Hendrikx (translation)

Using the “Thumb-Fix” was in fact a revelation for me! It is as if your instrument becomes “lighter”, “easier” to play and it benefits your virtuosity! The nice thing is that it is so light that it does not aggravate the weight of your clarinet. It’s also easy to remove, if you prefer to play without. A top product!

Kari Kriikku (original)

Hi there! I am Kari Kriikku, a touring clarinet soloist. I want to tell you about Peter’s wonderful “thumb-fix”. When I tried it first time I immediately felt the contact to the instrument clearly better. I have used the “thumb-fix” for two years now and love it. It improves my playing. Also many professional colleagues and students have started to use the fix after just a few minutes try. “I recommend you to try!”

Henri De Roeck (translation)
Laureate Music Contest Gemeentekrediet de Belgique
Laureate Music Contest Tenuto –VRT
Former Teatcher Brussels Conservatory – Academy of Music
Sole  Clarinet with the following orchestras:
· Het Nieuw Belgisch Kamerorkest
· I Fiamminghi
· Prometheus-ensemble

First of all, I want to congratulate the developer of the “EWC” for his ‘invention’! For me, there is no doubt that this is one of the most innovating products for the clarinet since decades! In first use, the thumb-fix felt immediately comfortable and gives the feeling of a greater stability. For sure, such a first impression gives a marvellous feeling. But the following months I was absolutely convinced that this extra touch had a great potential and a lot of advantages! It does not only give bigger stability to the ‘supporting’ right hand but -and this is perhaps the most important- it makes the “functioning” of the left hand much more steady and firm while performing!  This ‘floating’ left hand is constantly looking for more support and by using the ‘EWC’ the hand is more “at rest” and “stable”. I played several recitals and for me it’s clear, the “thumb-fix” STAYS on my instrument, I simply cannot play without! I recommend it to all my students because it will only give them benefits and the “EWC” is perfectly adaptable for any kind of hand!

Ronald Vanspaendonck (translation)

The “Thumb-Fix” has been created by “MyPMinternational” and is an accessory that I highly recommend to all clarinettists. For beginners, it is a tool that gives your right hand, from the start, an optimal and natural position. For professionals, it provides technical stability and gives a feeling of extra strength in the little and ring finger. It also avoids the recurring problems of tendonitis and epicondylitis (tennis elbow). Personally, I cannot play without anymore.

Thanks to “MyPMinternational” for making the life of clarinettists even more beautiful and comfortable!

Julia Heinen (original)
Clarinet Soloist & Professor of Clarinet, California State University, Northridge

The Thumb-Fix is truly a revolution in clarinet playing. I’ve been using the product for the past several months. The instrument feel much more stable in my hand and offers a freedom of technique which was previously absent. My right hand feels much more comfortable and offers a more relaxed playing position. It’s been wonderful practicing and performing with the Thumb-Fix. It is truly a significant advancement in clarinet accessories!

Stephan Vermeersch (translation)
International versatile clarinetist/composer/improviser of classical, contemporary and world music

The “EWC” fully meets the expectations: more stability, playing comfort and flexibility. This small item does not look like much until it’s mounted on your clarinet and you experience the benefits. Of course the EWC is not necessary to play clarinet but who does NOT want more stability, playing comfort and flexibility. It can also offer relief from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury): tendinitis, lateral epicondylitis and could prevent focal dystonia. The EWC is very well made in silver plated alloy that easily integrates with the keys on the clarinet (no screwing, easy installed with a patch).

Professor Walter Boeykens (translation)

Peter Merckx, a former student of mine, has made a fantastic invention, namely the thumb-fix. I have it on all my clarinets; it gives a very good grip on the right hand during playing, and it reduces considerably the tension on the muscles of the right hand. It gives a very comfortable, and easy going feeling.
An absolute must for all clarinettists, as well for professionals as for amateurs, … simply BRILLIANT! “

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