About us

About us

The ‘Ergo Woodwind Comfortplayer’(EWC) is the culmination of three years of personal research and 20 years of experience as a performing clarinettist and music instructor. 

One of the primary problems that arises when playing the clarinet is the ability to keep the instrument in a stable position while playing. The clarinet is one of the few instruments – along with the oboe – that rests its full weight on top of the player’s right thumb. This support point, together with the mouth position must keep the whole instrument in balance.

Normally, the right thumb pushes against the existing thumb support on one side and against the cylindrical body of the clarinet on the other side.  This puts a lot of pressure on the right thumb – especially when playing for a long period of time.  Many people are familiar with the way the instrument leaves a dent in their thumb, so to speak. This can make a difference of 4 mm. 

Therefore, the first function of the ‘EWC’: the basic plate
By installing the ‘EWC’ on your instrument, a flat surface is created and your thumb no longer has to make contact with the cylindrical body of the clarinet.  This means that the instrument can no longer shift to the right or left. The torsion-feeling in the right hand is brought back to a minimum and circumvented.  Furthermore, the EWC increases the size of the support area for the right thumb and it does away with the dented feeling.

Second function of the ‘EWC’: the pyramid.
By installing the ‘EWC’ on your instrument, a support surface area is created. Research shows that a clearly visible force pushes the right thumb downwards – particularly when using the ring finger and the little finger. The pyramid counteracts this force and forms a second support point underneath the thumb.

The word “Thumb-Fix” was created by combining both of these functions together. The ‘EWC’ fixes your thumb so to speak. We also took shape and adjustability into consideration. It is up to you to decide how tightly you attach the pyramid and in which direction!

We also chose a fixture with a patch instead of screws. It is easy to attach and remove it without damaging the instrument!

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