Ergo Woodwind Comfortplayer

This Thumb-Fix is Easy to Play, is really Comfortable, gives more Stability and improves considerably your Technique and Velocity.

The Thumb-Fix is not a thumb-rest. It is positioned under the existing thumb-rest, giving the musician the possibility to adjust and fit his thumb.

The setup of the product is easy and the product can be removed easily without residue. The total freedom of the player is essential and is maintained.

Comes with 2 EWC-patches.


Chrome-plated and 24K. Gold-plated.

Blister with 3 extra patches


Our experience tells us that the positioning of the right hand is quasi never a prior topic while playing the clarinet. Of course today we already use an adjustable thumb rest. But he can only be moved in the longitudinal direction of the instrument and arrives at a fixed position determined by the manufacturer of the instrument.

In our workshops, the position of the right hand is fully analysed. Relaxation, stability and flexibility are fundamental.

In a personal approach -after thorough evaluation of the current hand position- we try to offer alternatives and adequate solutions.

Worth the effort! Nothing ventured anything gained!


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